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A full beef is a good choice for a large family to enjoy ground beef, steaks, roasts and special cuts for months or even a full year. This will typically fill a chest freezer.

This full beef packages includes:

  • 220 Pounds Ground Beef
  • 41+ lbs Roasts (Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Tri-Tip, Bottom Round, Top Round)
  • 75+ lbs Steaks (Bone-in Rib, Flank, Flat Iron, New York, Ribeye, Skirt, T-Bone, Tenderloin, Top Sirloin)
  • 6 Packages Brisket
  • 8 Packages Short Ribs
  • 16 Pounds Stew Meat
  • 10 Packages Osso Bucco
  • 1 Package Oxtail
  • 1 Package Beef Tongue
  • Offal Optional: Heart, Liver, Kidney
  • Optional Add-ons: Fajita Meat, Kabob Meat, Cubed Steak

Please note: Shipping is possible, but can be very costly because of the weight (Appx 420lbs of beef). We will gladly deliver or meet you within an hour of Walla Walla, Washington with no delivery fee. We make monthly trips to deliver to the Seattle area as well. After purchase, Melissa or Dan Thiessen will be in touch quickly to arrange pick up, delivery, or shipping.

Full Beef

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