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Thiessen Ranch Brand



We shape Thiessen Ranch decisions to produce the highest quality of beef on a small scale— crafting restaurant-quality beef from our ranch to your table.

Our steers feed on pasture grasses carefully selected—4 varieties planted to mature throughout grazing season—for sustainable, natural energy. 

We apply gr
ain science to get the best result from their finishing—mixing 5-6 grains to produce flavorful and balanced protein and fat content. We honor how the animals digestive system appreciates macronutrients and minerals so they don't over indulge or get sick.


As a part of our closed-loop approach, we bring our steers spent grain from our brewery. Frog Hollow Farm nearby gives us their fruit and/or veggie surplus. When receiving tomatoes Frog Hollow is famous for—we chuckle as their faces are freckled with bright tomato seeds, chomping away.

You can see and taste the difference these decisions make in the quality of our beef.

We carcass age before the beef is fabricated and frozen, for natural enzymes to break down the meat—resulting in a defined flavor profile that cannot truly be replicated.

You'll have to taste it for yourself.


We love being a part of your life celebrations—Christmas dinner, Father's Day, or a weekday meal at home.

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Come in for a taste!

featured at our family's restaurants

We own and operate a suite of brands and restaurants where our beef is regularly served on the menu.


 Check out Denim Hospitality locations for more info.

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