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Meet Our Family

the thiessen crew

Our ranch is run by Melissa, with the boys Huck, Gus, and Otto up early everyday—feeding all the animals before breakfast and tending the land. Dan jokingly calls himself the "Hired Hand." Read more about Dan's family and our ranch story, here!


We are giving our kids the opportunity to be raised around the value of hard work. We see them growing up to be hard workers, understanding, sympathetic, and empathetic as they learn how to feed their community and even families around the nation.


Our pets are extended family members and playmates that brighten our days amidst all the cattle and chicken care. We love our pygmy goats, miniature horses, and our three pups. Scroll down here for a few snapshots of them!


Agriculture and culinary education are near and dear to both Dan and Melissa's hearts. Dan was trained at the Culinary Institute of America after growing up on his family's ranch working his uncle's wheat farm each summer. His journey took him to high profile restaurants around the worldfrom Switzerland to Seattlebefore returning to his eastern Washington state roots. Melissa grew up in Walla Walla camping, hunting and fishing with her family. Her brother grew up to be an agriculture instructor at the community college where Melissa worked in communications. As Melissa keeps Thiessen Ranch thriving, she provides communications consulting for local educational organizations.

Along with additional (incredible) partners, we own and operate a suite of brands and restaurants under Denim Hospitality. You can taste great cuts and burgers regularly on the menu at those locations. Learn more here!


Say Hello to Our Pets

our furry friends

Miniature horses, Pygmy goats, and our three pups enjoy the barn, pasture, veggie garden, wildflowers and sunflowers along with us.

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