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frequently asked questions

  • I ordered a Beef Box. When will it ship?
    We ship every Monday and/or Tuesday (except major holidays), so you can expect your order to arrive within a week to 10 days of your original order.
  • What is your refund policy when shipping beef?
    If your beef does not arrive fully frozen due to shipping delays, we will immediately re-ship your beef or provide a full refund.
  • Can I make changes to my subscription?
    Yes! If you want to adjust to a different subscription package, or change the frequency of your current subscription, we can accommodate that. Simply reach out to us directly at and we can make that change for you.
  • What quantity of beef is best for me?
    This chart should help you select the amount of beef appropriate for you!
  • I'm ordering a Partial Beef Package. What part of the steer will my beef come from?
    When you order a portion of a steer (1/8, 1/4 or 1/2), you are actually receiving that portion of the whole animal. For example, if you order 1/4 of beef, you are not receiving just a front or hind quarter. You actually receive 1/4 of the cuts from the entire animal. The whole animal is processed and the cuts are split evenly in 4 ways.
  • I'm ordering a Full Beef Package. How much ground beef, steaks, and roasts will I receive?
    Our steers are approximately 1,200 pounds live weight at harvest. That will typically yield a 750 pound hanging weight carcass, which then yields about 490 pounds of beef products.
  • What options are available in a Custom Cut Half or Full Beef?
    Check out all of the options via the order forms here: Full Beef | Half Beef
  • How much is the deposit for beef?
    1/8 beef: No deposit required 1/4 beef: No deposit required 1/2 beef: $300 deposit Full beef: $400 deposit
  • Where do I pick up my beef?
    We'll deliver it right to your doorstep! We offer free delivery around the Walla Walla Valley, and make frequent trips to the Columbia Basin and Seattle area. So, if you are in one of those regions and willing to work with our delivery schedule, FREE delivery for you! We are also able to take road trips in our freezer van to other areas in the PNW, but may require a fuel surcharge. We also ship beef weekly, but due to the weight of a partial beef package, the cost of shipping is usually prohibitive.
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