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A Holiday Reflection

The 2023 holiday season was amazing for so many reasons.

Personally, we are in a sweet spot right now where Gus (age 6) and Otto (age 4) still believe in ALL the magic of Christmas, and Huck (age 15) is happy to help build that up and encourage every bit of the season’s wonder.

On the ranch front, it was wonderful to share the gift of beef with people near and far. Locally, we delivered beef gift boxes with smiles on our faces and Santa hats on our heads. Seeing people’s shock and excitement when they realize it’s a box full of beef is the best.

My favorite reaction of the year was one gentleman who opened the front door and skeptically asked, “what’s in the box?” When I told him it was locally grown, grain-finished steaks, a gift from his brother, he truly didn’t believe it. There were numerous, “no way” and “you’re joking” statements made before he tore into it like a toddler on Christmas morning. Much to his delight, I wasn’t lying! As I said Merry Christmas and left his final words were, “I didn’t think my brother liked me this much!” Ha!


We also have our biggest shipping week of the year annually the week prior to Christmas. I was lucky to have my dad’s helping hands to get everything out the door and onto a UPS truck – gotta love family members who are willing to work in exchange for beef and beverages!  

The map shows the locations our beef was shipped to over the holidays. It’s still a little overwhelming and unbelievable to think that beef raised by our hands, in our little corner of the world, ends up on dinner tables across the country.

Now, on to hard work and happy days in 2024! Happy New Year!


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