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The Ranch Crew

One week from today, our first subscription packages will go out to our Ranch Crew members - and we are excited! Launching a subscription program has been a goal of mine for more than a year now. It is such a win-win for us as ranchers, and for our beef consumer friends. Basically:

  • Win for ranchers: We can plan and prepare our inventory appropriately for upcoming months based on our subscriptions.

  • Win for beef-eaters: Those receiving the beef can have one less thing to worry about grocery shopping for from week to week.

Additionally, over the past few years I have had countless conversations with people who would love to purchase a half or whole beef for their family, but there are typically one (or both) of these barriers:

  • Not enough freezer space available.

  • Not feasible to spend that amount of money all at once for beef.

A subscription program quickly handles both of those problems, making our beef more accessible to more people. This makes me so, so happy. As the kids would say, "Yeah, baby!"

We've had a great start with people signing up for subscriptions, and I hope we grow more in the next weeks and months so we can share the love of beef even further! Thus far the 10lb Sampler and all Ground Beef subscriptions are the most popular.

Oh, and one more note, right now I'm anxiously awaiting the UPS truck who is coming with a fun free gift that will be included for all of our new Ranch Crew members in the first subscription box. Something useful!

If you haven't had the chance to learn about our new subscription offerings, you can CLICK HERE and be directed to the page with the full description.


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