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Top Sirloin steaks are a boneless, naturally lean cut. They are popular for their great grain-finished flavor and the fact that they work with just about any cooking method you'd like.  These steaks are individually vacuum sealed and ready for your dinner plate any night of the week.


Please Note:

  • Top Sirloin steaks average .75 lbs each.
  • A minimum 6 pounds of total beef products are required for shipping.  
  • We always err on the side of the customer when packaging beef. For example, if you purchase 3 pounds of T-Bone steaks, the T-Bones we pack for you will always be a MINIMUM of 3 pounds. If they happen to add up to 3.8 pounds, lucky you! We will not charge you for the additional .8 pounds of beef.


Top Sirloin Steak

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