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Sharing Beef around the US - How?

Each and every week we ship our beef from little Walla Walla, Washington all around the continental U.S. I'm often asked, how do we do that? Here is a short synopsis about the process...

  1. PREPARE THE BOXES: Each box is branded with our cattle brand, labeled with the appropriate "perishable" and "dry ice" warning labels, then fitted with recyclable thermal panels - essentially turning each box into a recyclable ice chest. This part of the job is almost always done by Huck, Gus and Otto. Huck thoroughly enjoys branding the boxes (teenage boys and fire, you get it). Gus and Otto love putting the labels on. If you ever receive a box with a slightly crooked label, know that it's not due to a lack of attention to detail, just a proud 3 or 5 year old child doing their "work."

  2. PACK THE BEEF: We ship anywhere from 7 to 20+ pounds of beef in each box, customizing every order for every customer.

  3. ADD DRY ICE: We pack dry ice on top of the beef, and add the appropriate warning label. The dry ice typically is completely dissipated before arriving on your doorstep, but just in case it isn't, we caution everyone and let them know that they should wear gloves when unpacking the box.

  4. ADD MORE FUN STUFF: Before sealing it, each beef box gets with a hand written note, and for first-time customers, a packet of recipe cards.

  5. SEAL IT UP AND SEND IT WITH UPS: Our beef boxes are shipped via UPS on Mondays and Tuesdays each week (excluding holidays). They will typically arrive within 48 hours of shipping.

There you have it! Shipping beef in a nutshell.

This process has been such a rewarding one over the past year - it's nothing short of amazing to get photos and notes from people across the country who are enjoying beef from our home on their dinner tables.

Footnote: I may have gotten a little teary-eyed at our Christmas table this year when I recognized that many other people in many other places were enjoying Prime Rib carefully raised by family. And my children may have made fun of me for that, but I'm confident in my role as the sappy one of the family.



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